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Cancel an agreement for recurring payments API reference

Path parameters for ‘Cancel a recurring payments agreement’

This page is part of GOV.UK Pay’s API reference and is an index of the following things you’ll use when cancelling a recurring payments agreement:

  • parameters
  • example requests
  • example responses
  • attributes you’ll get in your response

You can also read more about the end-to-end process of taking recurring payments using GOV.UK Pay in our task-based guidance.

The URL for this endpoint is:


You can use this endpoint to cancel a recurring payments agreement in the active status. Read more about agreement status values.

You cannot use a cancelled agreement to take recurring payments. Reactivate a cancelled agreement by taking a payment from the user and telling the GOV.UK Pay API to save the user’s card details.

The data from this endpoint is strongly consistent, meaning it is updated immediately after you make any changes. You can read more about data consistency in our API.

Example request for ‘Cancel an agreement for recurring payments’

This example request cancels the recurring payments agreement with the ID cgc1ocvh0pt9fqs0ma67r42l58:

curl -X POST "" -H "Authorization: Bearer api_test_123abc456def"

You do not need to send anything in the body of requests to this endpoint.

Example response for ‘Cancel an agreement for recurring payments’

A successful agreement cancellation returns a 204 HTTP status code without a response body.

You can read more about HTTP status codes and their meanings in the GOV.UK Pay API.