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Connect your live account to Worldpay

This is part of going live.

You must be an admin on your GOV.UK Pay account to connect to Worldpay.

Check your Worldpay account

Make sure your Worldpay account is both:

  • an admin account
  • using the Worldpay Corporate Gateway, not the Worldpay Business Gateway

Switch to Production Mode for your merchant code

Sign in to your Worldpay account and select your merchant code.

If Test Mode is at the bottom of the left-hand menu, switch to Production Mode. Worldpay uses the term ‘production’ for live accounts.

Connect your Worldpay account to GOV.UK Pay

  1. Select your live account from the My services page in the GOV.UK Pay admin tool.

  2. Select Your PSP - Worldpay.

  3. In your Worldpay account, select Account and the Profile tab, then your merchant code if you’re asked for one.

  4. Copy the Merchant Code value from the Identification section of your Worldpay account into the Merchant code field in your GOV.UK Pay account.

  5. Copy the New Username value from your Worldpay account into the Username field in your GOV.UK Pay account.

  6. If you see a checkbox labelled Disable Original XML Username, select the checkbox, then select Save Profile at the bottom.

  7. If you have not set your XML password for this merchant code before, set it by selecting the pencil icon next to XML Password and choosing a password.

    If you’ve set your XML password before but you cannot remember it, you can set a new password. But you must add the new password to your other services that use this Worldpay account, or they’ll stop working.

    You should follow the guidance about choosing and storing passwords from the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC).

  8. Confirm your password by selecting Add new password, then OK.

  9. Save the password by selecting the pencil icon again, then Complete, then OK.

  10. Enter your XML password into the Password field in your GOV.UK Pay account.

  11. Go to the Payment service section of your Worldpay account.

  12. Set Capture delay (days) to Off (not 0).

    If you do not do this, you may take money from your users before they’ve confirmed their payment.

  13. Contact Worldpay if you want to take payments higher than the amount in Maximum Transaction Amount.

  14. In your GOV.UK Pay account, select Save credentials.

Set up your Worldpay 'Merchant Channels’

You must set up your Worldpay 'Merchant Channels’ so Worldpay can notify GOV.UK Pay about payment events.

In your Worldpay account, select Integration then the Merchant Channel tab.

Set up ‘Merchant Channels’

You must make the following changes in both the Merchant Channels (Production) and Merchant Channels (Test) sections.

Set Active to:

  • no in the email row
  • yes in the http row
  • no in the shopper email row

In the http row, set:

  • Content to xml
  • Address to
  • Method to POST
  • Client certificate to no

Set up ‘Merchant Channel Events’

In both the Merchant Channel Events (Production) and Merchant Channel Events (Test) sections, select the following in the http row.


Set up 3D Secure

  1. Ask your Worldpay account manager to enable 3D Secure for your merchant code.

  2. Sign in to your GOV.UK Pay account settings and turn 3D Secure on.

Your live account is now connected to Worldpay. Continue with the next steps to going live.