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Connect your live account to Stripe

This is part of going live.

Stripe is GOV.UK Pay’s contracted PSP.

After you request a live GOV.UK Pay account and confirm you will connect it to Stripe, we’ll review your request to go live. After we approve your request, you need to add more details about your service and organisation.

You must add:

  • your organisation’s bank details
  • the name, date of birth, home address, work telephone number, and work email address of someone who has the authority to sign a contract on behalf of your organisation (called your ‘responsible person’)
  • your organisation’s VAT number (if applicable)
  • the name, date of birth and work email address of the director of your service (or someone at director level)
  • your company registration number (if applicable)

You must also add a document that verifies your organisation is a government entity. This must be a copy of (one of the following):

  • your VAT registration
  • your certificate of incorporation
  • a document from Companies House
  • a VAT certificate from HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC)
  • an account statement from HMRC
  • a document from the Charity Commission
  • a document from the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR)

The address on your government entity document must not be a PO box.

To add these details and the document, sign in to the GOV.UK Pay admin tool. Select your service from the Overview screen, and follow the onscreen instructions.

GOV.UK Pay only stores your organisation’s address and telephone number. We pass all other information to Stripe. Stripe then processes and stores that information.

Once you’ve provided us with your details, your live account is connected to Stripe. Continue with the next steps to going live.