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GOV.UK Pay’s main application code is public and freely available under an MIT License and the GOV.UK Pay team codes in the open. You can find us on GitHub.

If you’d like to speak to us about writing a developer library for GOV.UK Pay, we’d love to hear from you. Please email us at

Open-source components on GOV.UK Pay

Component Description Use
pay-adminusers GOV.UK Pay identity and service management component. Used by pay-selfservice to let users authenticate and configure GOV.UK Pay.
pay-cardid GOV.UK Pay card type identification Service. Used by pay-frontend to validate card details and autocomplete card brand.
pay-connector GOV.UK Pay payments connector. Used by other services to configure payment gateways and handle transactions.
pay-frontend GOV.UK Pay frontend payments application. Collects payment details from our users.
pay-ledger A Dropwizard app for the Pay Ledger microservice. Stores all historic payments and refunds after this information has been processed by Card Connector.
pay-publicapi GOV.UK Pay public API endpoint. Used by partner services to manage payments, generate reporting and configure their accounts.
pay-publicauth GOV.UK Pay API authentication service. Used by pay-publicapi to validate API tokens and by pay-selfservice to manage API tokens.
pay-products Application that manages products that integrate with GOV.UK Pay using Java (Dropwizard). Manages products that a Government Service would like to take payments for. These products are integrated with GOV.UK Pay so that a user can make payments using a provided URL.
pay-products-ui User interface app for product payments integrated with GOVUK Pay. Starts payment journeys for payment links. Optionally lets users enter a payment amount and reference.
pay-selfservice GOV.UK Pay self service application. Used by authenticated users of our partner services to administer their accounts.
pay-webhooks GOV.UK Pay webhooks microservice. Sends webhooks, configured by service users in pay-selfservice, on certain payment events.