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Add custom branding

GOV.UK Pay supports custom branding of your payment pages and your payment confirmation emails.

You can use custom branding regardless of whether you integrate your service with the GOV.UK Pay API, or use payment links.

For payment pages and emails, you can customise:

  • the logo displayed in the top banner
  • the background colour of the top banner

For payment pages only, you can also customise the border colour of the top banner.

Custom branding applies to the test and live environments for a service.

To set up custom branding:

  1. Send us your customised banner logo and banner colours.
  2. Include contact information on your payment confirmation emails.

Send us your banner logo and banner colours

Send the GOV.UK Pay team:

  • an image of your banner logo
  • the colours of your banner background and border

In your email, you must tell us:

  • which service you want to apply custom branding to
  • whether you want to apply custom branding to your payment pages, your emails, or both

If you want custom branding on your emails but you do not expect to start taking payments for a while, you should wait before sending us your custom branding. Instead, send your custom branding in the weeks before you go live.

To customise your banner logo, email us an image of your banner logo. Your image should be:

  • in PNG or SVG format
  • at least 600 pixels in width
  • at least 240 pixels in height
  • cropped to leave minimal whitespace around the logo
  • compressed (optimised for web)

If you follow these requirements, your banner logo will look clear on both mobile and non-mobile displays.

Customise your banner colours

For payment pages, you can customise both the background and border colours of the top banner.

For payment confirmation emails, you can only customise the background colour of the top banner.

To customise these features, email us your hexadecimal colour codes.

Include contact information on your payment emails

When you have custom branding on your payment confirmation emails, those emails must tell your users how to contact you.

You can include this information on your emails by using, for example, a reply-to email address or a contact form.

If you use a reply-to email address, this email address can be a monitored email inbox for your service, or an unmonitored email address with an automated response.

If you use an unmonitored automated email response, you should tell your users:

  • that the email address is unmonitored
  • how they can contact your service

You can customise your email responses in the GOV.UK Pay admin tool using the customParagraph field in the payment receipt email template.

You cannot customise your refund email.